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Frequently asked questions

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Why should I use Unifai

Building and leading resilient, high-performing teams is hard. Minor issues can turn into major challenges if not addressed. Identifying relational issues within the team is a necessary step to crafting a remedy. Unifai is the system for people leaders to gain visibility into how their team is responding to a change event (i.e. reorganization), lofty business goals, or change in senior leadership. The data generated from Unifai Pulse Surveys is instrumental for leaders in ensuring they respond to team issues in a timely manner with precision and context.

How do I get started with Unifai?

Click ‘Book Demo’ to schedule time with one of our team members. We will show you the power of Unifai and discuss your needs to better understand how our solutions can help you and your people leaders.

When should I consider using Unifai?

Team issues are evolving and constantly changing. Unifai is designed to create feedback loops and insights that are specific to a change event or use case that your team is facing. The process of opening up for feedback, processing the feedback, and taking action toward resolution can have material benefits for the leader and their team.

What are the key features of Unifai?

Data in a Unifai workspace is generated by automated Pulse Surveys that are sent to the leader and their team. Pulse Surveys are designed specific to the leadership event or use case that the team is facing, and responses from surveys feed into Feedback Alignment Model measurements and open-ended feedback that provides context. Outcomes are measured as well, enabling the leader to ensure that the insight and actions derived from Pulse Survey data are having an impact.

What is the Unifai Feedback Alignment Model?

The Feedback Alignment Model is a measurement concept designed to highlight gaps in perceptions between a leader’s self-assessment and their team’s perceptions. This straightforward, yet powerful, visualization allows leaders to identify blind spots and surface mis-alignment. Realizations drawn from the Feedback Alignment Model are a critical first time to understanding the issues facing the leader and enact an action plan.

How is Unifai different from HR tools?

Unifai is complimentary to existing tools that may be offered by your HR team such as employee engagement software, performance management, and learning management systems. Unifai’s approach differs from these systems in that: 1) it is designed for you, the leader, to have a dedicated space to understand and work with your team on the most pressing issues and 2) Unifai Pulse Surveys have been developed with questions and key measures that are specific to the event or use case you are facing.

How can Unifai data be used alongside leadership development programs?

Unifai data enriches leadership development motions that you and your team may already have in place. For example, if you work with a leadership coach, data from Unifai can serve as the foundation for where to focus during coaching sessions. A coach can aid the leader in developing personal action plans or help craft a strategy to drive team or organization-wide change.

How is Unifai priced?

Unifai offers three levels of software and solutions. Contact us for more details on what’s included at each level and a custom quote for your team and organization.

How many users can be a part of a workspace?

Unifai workspaces are designed to be dedicated to a people leader, their leader, their direct reports, and key peers that work closely with their team.

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