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Frequently asked questions

How is compensation structured for different phases? Are there different rates for planning versus implementation?

Experts set their own rates, typically offering fixed-price packages for each 30-day project term. Although day rates are common, our standardized project structure encourages 30-day fixed price engagements. Ninety-five percent of our projects meet their deliverables within this period. For the implementation phase or other extensions, clients may purchase additional time, either as another 30-day block or on a day-rate basis, depending on the project's specific needs.

How is the scope of the project defined, and what happens if the project scope changes mid-engagement?

Experts define the scope of each project in their standardized offerings. If a client requires additional deliverables or if the project's scope needs adjustment mid-stream, both parties typically negotiate in good faith to amend or extend the original agreement. This flexible approach ensures that projects can adapt to evolving requirements without compromising the goals.

What kind of support does the agency provide to experts during engagements?

Unifai offers comprehensive support to our experts throughout their engagements. This includes administrative assistance, availability of our executive team for client meetings, deliverable reviews, and navigating challenging negotiations. We provide essential documents such as NDAs, contractor agreements, and standardized project scopes. Additionally, we manage all aspects of payment processing, ensuring timely milestone payments. Beyond direct client support, we actively facilitate networking and business development opportunities for our experts, helping them grow their businesses and extend their professional networks.

How does the agency ensure the quality and expertise of the professionals in the network?

With over 20 years of experience in private equity across top firms in the US and Europe, our team is adept at recognizing excellence. We conduct rigorous professional and background checks on all Experts to ensure they can lead and contribute positively to projects. Our selection process is designed to maintain a network of professionals who can significantly impact private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

What guarantees does the agency provide regarding the successful outcome of engagements?

We stand behind the quality of our engagements with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the progress or results, we will collaborate with you and the Expert to resolve the issue. Should a satisfactory resolution not be achievable, we will terminate the engagement and offer a full refund for the services rendered during that project period.

Beyond NDAs, what other measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of information?

In addition to requiring NDAs, we uphold stringent information security standards. Our Experts are carefully vetted not only for their professional skills but also for their adherence to the highest ethical standards. We provide a comprehensive best practices framework for Experts, ensuring they handle all sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality and security.

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