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Unifai helps private equity funds and their portfolio companies maximize value creation through operating improvement, turnarounds and transformation.

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Onboarding Pace

Perfect Match. Engage vetted, private equity operating talent for fractional, interim, and project work.

We excel in matching the highest caliber talent with projects that accelerate and maximize private equity value creation.

Created by private equity operating executives and industry leaders. We built an independent, value creation agency of vetted, private equity operating executives and high-impact, standardized projects.

Founded and led by private equity operating executives with experience working with firms like Veritas Capital and Cerberus Capital. We know what right looks like when it comes to the best talent and the right projects to drive value.

Our consultants have more than just advisory experience from top consultancies; we have deep executive, functional, andoperating experience in private equity, the Fortune 500, and top-performing portfolio companies.

Our 5-step process to join our exclusive, PE operating executive agency:
How does it work? 

Create a profile showcasing your experience. Vetted experts with deep operating experience, in private equity and industry, are invited to join.

Once approved to join our agency, select one of our project types and create a project.

You will get notified immediately of any opportunities that match your profile.

Engage directly with the client via messaging, and contract with the client for the project. We support you with pitching and administrative resources.

Refer other consultants and PE partners for rewards, and increase your individual, brand awareness by contributing your expertise to our community through articles in the Unifai newsletter.

For clients and their portfolio companies: How does it work?

Create a profile. Private equity firms and their portfolio companies are invited to join as a Client.

Run a search of our talent and projects to discover what combination matches your needs for fractional, interim or project work.

You should get, on average, 3-4 high quality choices of consultants. 

Message the consultant directly for any administrative needs like scheduling an interview, NDA, or contracts. We have standard forms, or use your own.

Purchase the project directly with the consultant. We manage payments, releasing funds with your confirmation of services delivered. Contract extensions are also available online through the Unifai platform.

Source Amazing Operating Executives and Value Creation Projects, On Demand.

Hire Quickly

Accelerate your staffing process with our streamlined platform that connects you to vetted professionals, ready to start immediately.

Top 1%

Gain access to elite consultants, each vetted to ensure they represent the top 1% in their field.

Efficient Execution

Maximize efficiency with our lean approach, utilizing independent top-tier consultants and standard projects designed for high-impact and fast execution.

Knowledge Transfer

Benefit from the knowledge transfer our consultants bring from leading private equity firms and successful operating companies.
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