Introducing Unifai M&A Insights

Unifai Announces the Industry's First Cultural and Team Integration Software Built for M&A

June 1, 2023
Unifai Team

Unifai®, a leading enterprise SaaS company, is proud to announce at the Association for Corporate Growth conference, M&A West 2023, the launch of Unifai M&A Insights , the industry's first software platform designed for managing cultural and team integrations. This lightweight, yet powerful solution empowers organizations to streamline their M&A integration process, accelerate productivity, dramatically improve M&A execution, and avoid costly M&A integration mistakes.

Developed by a team of experts with backgrounds in mergers and acquisitions, human resources, technology, and leadership, Unifai leverages proprietary systems and our Feedback Alignment Model © to help managers achieve the industry's smoothest M&A change management. By addressing the root causes of M&A failure, such as information asymmetry and cognitive bias, Unifai M&A Insights ensures organizations achieve a seamless transition through the M&A integration process.

Key features of Unifai M&A Insights include:

  1. Expert-Designed Pulse Surveys: M&A Insights enables continuous feedback loops from all levels of the organization as part of the M&A integration process. Surveys are expertly designed to gather visibility into human capital factors that serve as leading indicators of the M&A objectives.
  2. Customizable Workspace: Unifai offers a scalable, tailored M&A integration experience, considering the organization’s unique needs and objectives, ensuring that managers and executive leaders have the information and support they need to achieve the organization’s integration objectives.
  3. Feedback Alignment Model: Unifai’s proprietary method analyzes data from various sources to align expectations, facilitate communication, and provide real-time insights to managers and their teams. The Feedback Alignment Model detects when and how managers need support during the change management experience and alerts them to these potential blind spots and areas for exploration.
  4. Bias Detection and Mitigation: Unifai helps managers identify and address cognitive biases that can hinder the change management process, fostering a more objective and data-driven decision-making approach. Unifai guides managers to identify and navigate the complex cultural and organizational dynamics that are critical for their success.
  5. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Track progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the success of the M&A integration process through intuitive dashboards and detailed reports, scientifically validated to accelerate time to effectiveness. Unifai delivers actionable intelligence to leaders at the edge of an organization as well as senior executives.

Unifai M&A Insights has already attracted significant interest from various end customers like private equity firms and corporate development groups, and partners who can leverage Unifai to deliver exceptional integration consulting solutions. By using Unifai, organizations can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving desired M&A outcomes, optimize the M&A integration experience, and ultimately improve change management performance.

Doug Kitani, Executive Chairman, commented: "At Unifai, we understand the extraordinary change that people experience in an M&A process. Acquisition and integration leaders are under huge pressure to deliver results in a time crunch. This often leads to systems-driven, integration processes that need better support for the most important asset in any company – the people. Unifai is first to market with the industry’s only platform built to manage the leadership and human capital aspects of M&A. We’re excited to help organizations transform their approach to mergers and acquisitions, and achieve exceptional results.”

Unifai M&A Insights is expected to be released in the summer of 2023. Customers and partners can join the waitlist here: or email

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